MasterCard Debit® Card
The MasterCard Debit® card gives you the convenience of checking, account management and easy access to cash. It works just like your checkbook only it's faster, easier and more convenient than writing a check and the purchase amount is automatically deducted from your checking account.

The MasterCard Debit® card is accepted wherever you see the MasterCard® sign. No check writing means no need to carry a bulky checkbook, no need to show multiple forms of identification and record keeping is easier. When you make a purchase or ATM transaction with your card, you'll receive a receipt and all the details will be listed on your monthly statement.

Online Banking and BillPay
Manage your accounts online, including paying bills, account transfers, and transaction details.

Commercial Online Banking (ECorp)
Process your payroll, manage your business accounts and pay bills online with ECorp.

The Kasson State Bank offers a 24-hour drive-up ATM at the following location:

502 South Mantorville Avenue
Kasson, MN 55944

This is at the intersection of HWY 14 and HWY 57, just South of the Kwik Trip.

Drive-Up Facility
Our Drive-up facility, with extended hours, is designed to efficiently handle your normal transaction needs.

Money Orders

Money orders allow a safe way in which to transfer funds or send money through the mail.

Travelers Checks

Traveler's checks provide an easy and safe way to carry money. Contact a teller at either facility for assistance.

Savings Bonds

We are a U.S. Savings Bond Agent. Stop by and speak with a Kasson State Bank teller to purchase, redeem or get additional information on U.S. Savings Bonds.

Safety Deposit Box Rental

Safe deposit boxes are a safe way to protect your important documents or valuables. Contact a Kasson State Bank representative for available box sizes and rental fees.

Night Depository

The night depositories are available for your use at any time. At the main bank, the night depository is located to the left of the front door. We also offer a drive-up night depository at our Drive-up facility. This is located at the end of the first drive-up lane.

Notarizing / Signature Guarantee

This is a free service to all Kasson State Bank customers.

Wire Transfers

We initiate and receive domestic and foreign wire transfers.

Federal Depository

We are designated by the Federal Government as a depository for Social Security and Federal Withholding Taxes.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is available through various government agencies and businesses. If you were to have direct deposit, your paycheck or other form of deposit would be automatically credited to the account of your choosing.

Automatic Transfers

Automatic transfers provide a convenient way to transfer funds between accounts on a scheduled basis. Contact a Kasson State Bank representative to make arrangements for this service.

Telephone Transfers

You can contact the Kasson State Bank during business hours to transfer money from checking to checking, checking to savings, savings to savings, or to make loan payments. You can contact a receptionist or teller at the following numbers: Main Bank (507) 634-7022 Drive-up (507) 634-4141.

Lien Waiver Checks For Construction Loans

The Kasson State Bank specializes in construction loan financing. As a contractor, you provide the Kasson State Bank with the invoices and we will take care of sending out the lien waiver checks to your subcontractors or suppliers.

Account Reconciliation

If you are trying to find a mistake in your checkbook or are just uncertain how to balance your checkbook, we are willing to help.

Account Research

Need to find account information from the past. The Kasson State Bank has copies of all transactions on film to assist you.

Coin Counting / Wrapping

You don't need to bother trying to count and fit coins into the wrappers. Bring your coin collection into the bank and allow us to do all the work for you. This is a free service to Kasson State Bank account holders.